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Insert your complete Call Sign

Insert your complete Call Sign without any symbol, blank spaces, or leading zeroes in the prefix or suffix numbers, otherwise it could not be found. See the samples below:

14-YF-101 is wrong, 14YF101 is correct
15XY001 is wrong, 15XY1 is correct
001ZA1116 is wrong, 1ZA1116 is correct
068WCI023 is wrong, 68WCI23 is correct

Callsign n Prov.
1AT90 107
1AT57 107
1AT227 107
1AT337 107
1AT824 107
1AT424 104
1AT586 104
14AT49 104
1AT156 103
14AT47 103
1AT578 102
1AT295 101
26AT239 100
13IR285 100
1AT807 100
26SD117 99
26AT93 99
14SD120 98
30AT46 98
1AT259 98